CITROEN: PINAMAR 2010 and Keys to Travel Insurance

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CITROËN FOR NEXT YEAR WILL BE VERY STRONG IN ACTIVITIES.                                                                                                                                     
The Mark, once again, will be starring in summer 2010 and will deploy its potential in the classical space at Pinamar. Old models, new cars and concepts will dominate a scenario, the celebration of 90 years, will be the convener axis.
Far from relaxing own holiday time, from the Marketing Department for these hours you work the piece: the stand of the mark in Pinamar will again be the star of Bunge Avenue and the bet is power. Cars, shows, attractions and celebrations of 90 years are held CITROËN big and dominate the scene.
But it is time the annual report and the presentation of the objectives for the new year. News, release and market analysis that managed to overcome a major challenge posed by the international crisis and improved the position of "double chevron" in the preferences of local audiences. Diego Pizzichini and these definitions.
- What is preparing for the public CITROËN Pinamar visit this summer?
We work and a lot to offer again a radically different proposal that overcomes, where customers and friends to visit us to experience emotions-from-all that Citroën is able to offer as a trademark. And I speak not only of cars. Think of a major action that requires Pinamar is set in motion many ideas and fifty people ready to execute.
The space this year will reflect part of the history of which we are proud, and also much of the future. That temporary arch be-under the umbrella of the 90-year-C5 represented by a classical 1920y year by the Hypnos, a concept that explores the guidance of our engineers to design high-end vehicles and environmentally friendly. But it is clear that the public wants to discover new, so apart from the usual players that make up our range, we have the new Citroën C3 XTR and Citroën C4 Picasso will be some of the launches planned for next year.
- Pinamar is much more than a car show, interaction with the public is becoming more intense and proposals more carefully ...
Occasionally, as regards the actions of the summer, if anything can be proud of is having been pioneers in developing innovative proposals that have an additional component, a bonus for people who recognizes and identifies us.
For five years we are present every summer in Pinamar and we are flattered to have charted a different course, luckily many followed: provide a space where the family can enjoy a show, sit and admire our cars serviced. Each new season involves intellectual and economic redouble efforts. Now it is the public and requires asking what CITROËN brought back this year?, What will surprise us? Therefore, we work many months in advance to make an offer very carefully, where the aesthetic and artistic component has a purpose and a function.


Tips for travel insurance
They approach the dates on which the Argentines we usually travel through our country on weekends to the coast to spend the holidays to a family member who lives far away or just start with our holiday. For this reason CESVI CITROEN and provide the best recommendations to prepare before and during a trip to travel always safe and not participate in any claim. 

Things to consider for those traveling in a vehicle: 
Rest prior to the trip to avoid fatigue during therapy. Reflexes should be one hundred percent.Sleep at least 8 hours before taking the tour. No driving at dawn and dusk to avoid being dazzled by the sun. Also, avoid traveling at night, as the visibility decreases significantly.Ideally, handle 9 to 17hs. Manage daily maximum 8 hours including stops. 
Knowing in advance what paths to take, use a map or GPS, as they help a lot if disoriented.Choose toll roads because they are usually the ones with the best floor and have assistance in case of any unforeseen. 
Do not drive drunk by lower than has been the amount of alcohol ingested. 
All members of the vehicle must wear seat belts. Children should always travel back and with the corresponding seats given that up to 9 kilos of type chair is placed in cradle and reversed the effect. From 9 to 15 kilos should wear a safety seat in the direction of travel and over 15 kilos, a chair molded to fit the child's measurements to the common adult in order to be able to use the belts own vehicle. Know that in a car moving at 60 km / h a child of 20 Kgs multiply this value approximately 17 times, meaning that at the instant of the collision his weight is 340 kgs in the running direction of the car. To entertain and get games and not get distracted by the driver. 
With the first signs of fatigue stop in a safe place to rest. Stop and stretch your legs every two hours. This symptom of fatigue becomes a lack of rest, heat, lack of fluids or through long stretches of non-stop routes, demanding our full concentration. 
Once on the way, if you have any flaws, the farthest stop on the route as possible (if possible, stopping in places) and placing beacons to 75 meters from the vehicle in every sense of the route. If a highway, to place the first mark and the remaining 150 meters to 75 meters. 
Do not use tight clothes and uncomfortable to drive and travel. This should be loose, comfortable and cool. The shoes also have to share these qualities. For example, we recommend sandals or slippers and sandals not to snag on the pedals causing reckless maneuvers. 
Do not leave loose objects inside the vehicle, because at the time of an incident can transform into deadly weapons. 
Care to take into account your car: 
Check the engine. Check and replace if necessary, the level of fluids. It is advisable to water coolant radiator, complete the clean-washer level. Check the level and amount of miles the engine oil, filling if necessary. Hydraulic fluid, like brake fluid should be at the peak and it is always recommended in the trunk carry an additional burden may be a loss. 
As for filters, you must follow the service schedule recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.Keep in mind that whenever you replace the engine oil, you should replace your cabin filter. 
The tires are critical vehicle mobility and safety of its occupants, because they are the point of contact with the ground. For this reason you should check if the design contains sufficient depth (1.6 mm at least) so, so, keep a good grip with different surface conditions. In addition, should check the condition of the rubber-look that is not cracked or cut-and inflate the tires with pressure as suggested by the manufacturer of your car according to the load. Also check the spare. 
Check mechanical components as the state of suspension, their anchorages, shock absorbers, brake system and the state of the tablets. With regard to lighting, check the correct operation of high beams, low, directional, and the beacon position. It is advisable to clean them permanently while traveling in areas with sand, earth and snow. 
In the case of baggage must take care that the weight is distributed properly and fairly. In the trunk put the heaviest items closest to the rear seatback and floor, so as not to disturb too much the center of gravity. If the trunk is not enough, use the trunk, which sits on top of the vehicle, it is noteworthy that must be closed and that can bring some complications in case of sudden braking or sudden maneuvers. 
Also, pay attention to marks or cracks on your windshield, since it should not have pits or cracks on the sector where it should adopt. 
Always bring a fire extinguisher should be in a location easily accessible and properly loaded subject. And they should not miss retroreflective triangular beacons and a first aid kit. 
Something that never hurts to remember is the documentation that must have in order to operate: 
Driving record and ID card or driver's identification card. 
Green card. 
Wafer VTV (Vehicle Technical Verification) if their place of residence required. 
Patent of auto pay. 
Compulsory insurance with a corresponding payment certificate. 
And if having CNG, must have ID card and the wafer mandatory vehicle.                   

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