VOLKSWAGEN: Presents in Pinamar, the Pick-Up AMAROK

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   Amarok: la pick up de volkswagen
Why Amarok?
Amarok's name derives from the language of the Inuit, who live in northern Canada and Greenland, and means wolf. For the Inuit, Eskimo ethnic group, the wolf is the king of the wild world for their strength, their resilience and their supremacy.

Volkswaken Amarok       My name.
Especially in regions with Latin languages (such as Brazil and Argentina, among others), this name is also associated with its literal meaning: "lover of rocks". Precisely in these markets, where pickups are among the best selling models because of its versatility as a vehicle for leisure and commercial, off-road condition Amarok, reliability and prestige of the Volkswagen brand will be determining factors in the success of the model.Volkswagen Amarok Nombre Propio
Amarok, a completely new development, will initially be available as a Pick-Up double cabin and wheel drive. Among its features are in addition to their superior technology and reliability, more efficient engines and the current Volkswagen design lines. Modern engines are common rail turbo diesel (TDI) of last generation, with great acceleration capacity - thanks to its high power and torque - and low consumption.                                                                                
Volkswagen Amarok Caracteristicas


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